Dalton Piercy Debate?

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2 thoughts on “Dalton Piercy Debate?

  1. I live in the US, in Northern California, and the story presented said nothing about a court case at all, the mother and son were both interviewed and the story presented was that the flowers have surrounded the cottage since the 1700’s and the old lady has taken care of them for 50 years. They got a letter from the council giving them 14 days to remove the flowers or a contractor was going to be hired to remove them and they would be charged for the work. To be perfectly honest, it makes the Council look bad enough that I took the time to look you up and see what the story was. I’m not sure if it would be better to take the high road or if it would be worth it to contact the BBC and see if they are willing to show your side of the story. Good luck to you.

  2. I signed the petition and now wish I hadn’t. I live in a nearby borough, and I realise how lucky anyone is to live in one of these rare showpiece villages , which only exist because of determination to preserve their character. If you want to live in such a place of character you have to accept the restrictions. The same goes for the national parks where some folks don’t like to follow the rules.

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