Parish Allotments

Parish Council Allotment

Parish Council Allotment

A variety of fruit, vegetables and herbs are grown.

Kids Club Allotment

Kids Club Allotment



The Kids Club Allotment is divided into small family plots. There is an activity area to entertain younger children, whilst the older children can learn gardening skills.


2 thoughts on “Parish Allotments

  1. Great to have a kids allotment club, everywhere should have one, will be posting the idea on facebook………….. 🙂

  2. As these allotments are now to come under the umbrella of H.B.C. you may want to share links with the HBC. allotments web site. You should be able to benefit from their comprehensive rules, regulations and enforcement team. You will be interested to know that antisocial behavior and harassment are grounds for eviction.

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