Welcome to the online directory of Dalton Piercy Village Life. A comprehensive insight of Dalton Piercy Parish, designed to give information about the community and the various organisations in and around the village.


The village sits on the outskirts of Hartlepool. It can be reached via the A19 motorway, or via Elwick Road or by the A689. It can also be reached by walking through various footpaths. Please use (click and drag) the below map for more information:

Village Map

Distance from Dalton Piercy Village:

Elwick Village 2 Miles
Hartlepool 4 Miles
Stockton 9 Miles
Middlesborough 12 Miles
Durham 17 Miles
Sunderland 20 Miles
Newcastle 31 Miles

Please click here to view properties for sale in Dalton Piercy.


From 2013 to 2018 this website was sponsored by Dalton Piercy Parish Council, however it is now an independent site run by members of village. If you would like to contribute please get in touch.


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