School Allotment Visit

Grown by Steve Burroughs

Grown by Steve Burroughs

Pupils, teachers & parents from Elwick Primary School, visited Mr Burroughs and the Kids Club Allotment at Dalton. It was an educational visit that included many activities. The children saw over 20 types of fruit, veg, flowers and herbs that are currently growing.

Pupils Activities included:

Teachers lesson, about the functions of items on our allotment – eg the shed, tools, water butt, compost bins, scarecrow, manure.

Sketching produce.

Bug hunting.


Harvesting- sweetcorn, carrots, potatoes, onions, apples, cabbage, parsley, pumpkins, dahlias, etc.


The children took the produce they had harvested with them, for their school projects. Each child was given a parsley plant. The gourds were extremely popular – as neither kids or adults had seen any before!

I would like to thank Lois and Steve for their hard work in organizing this. The school wants to continue working with the kids club. Steve has offered to give surplus plants/plugs he has produced to the school for their planned allotment. They used the produce for cookery and displays. Future visits were decided for next year, also visits from Hart Primary School were discussed.



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